• August 2018 

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. It has certainly been an eventful one for us. Schedules have been created, walls and our blacktop are being painted, display cases were installed, safety enhancements were added, grants were written, curriculum was created, and new staff members were hired.

    If you visited our school for any reason, we are sure that you noticed that our teachers were quite busy as well. Many of them use the summer to take advantage of professional development opportunities, attend graduate school, serve on committees, and work collaboratively with their fellow educators. All of our teachers are committed to students’ success, both as individuals and as members of the Shelter Island community. We hope that you are ready to jump back into playing on a team, reading great literature, trying to communicate in a new language, puzzling out a math or science problem, or creating melodies with your instrument of choice.

    In the midst of all of our preparations, we were happy to see so many young people taking advantage of Summer Recreation, Driver’s Education classes, and the extended learning program, all of which were hosted here at the school. We hope that in between summer reading assignments, summer jobs, and school shopping you managed to find time to bond with each other and enjoy the natural beauty of Shelter Island. In addition to focusing on academic excellence, this year we will continue to seek connections with our families and all of the wonderful community organizations that make Shelter Island so special. 

    The Shelter Island School will also continue to work tirelessly toward the goal of ensuring that all of our students reach their full intellectual, social, and emotional potential. We are so honored to educate your children and welcome your involvement and input. Please consider participating in the PTSA, and remember to mark your calendars now for our Back to School Barbecue on September 7th. We hope to see all of you there as we say goodbye to summer and celebrate all the wonderful things to come during the 2018-19 school year.

    Can’t wait to see all of you on September 5th.


    Christine A Finn


Dr. Finn welcoming students the first day of school.