Dr. Doelger and Students on Halloween

    March 4, 2022


    Dear Parents and Families:

    As you know, this Wednesday, March 2nd, masks became optional.  We received further guidance from the state on several COVID safety issues, and we just wanted to update you on how that affects our school district.

    • Beginning Monday, March 7th, temperature checks will no longer be required at student arrival or to enter the building.  The drop-off procedures, however, will remain the same.
    • Masks do not have to be worn at sporting events or on the bus.
    • Staff and students may now return to school on day six (6) after testing positive for COVID. This will require being asymptomatic and proof of a negative test sent to Nurse Mary.  For days six - ten (6-10), the person must wear a mask.  For the exact breakdown of days, please continue to contact Nurse Mary.
    • We will continue to use our other mitigation strategies -- ventilation system, hand washing, availability of hand sanitizer and other PPE.

    Thank you for always being so supportive in our efforts to get through this pandemic.  It is a rarity in these divisive times that our school community has been able to meet these challenges together.  It has been a long and grinding two years for all of us.  I am hopeful that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic and I am very grateful to be the superintendent of such a lovely community.

    Dr. Doelger