• Shelter Island Athletics

    Championship, Citizenship, Scholarship and Sportsmanship

    All home games played in the gymnasium can be viewed on the NFHS Network. Click the link on the left for more details.


    Mission: See, Plan, Grow


    Desireable Outcome: Preparing our SHIPS (see above) to empower our student athletes to make an impact in our community and be champions in life.

    Message from the Director:
    We provide opportunities for students in grades seven through twelve to participate in athletic programs in conjunction with Section XI and the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.  It is our goal that through participation in the athletic program, students achieve both personal and collective growth in the four areas (championship, citizenship, scholarship and sportsmanship) consistent with successful athletic programs. Should you have any questions regarding our athletic program, please feel free to contact me.
    Todd Gulluscio, CMAA
    Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Health, Wellness and Personnel
    (631) 749-0302 ext. 107